Are You Looking For The Best Patio Covers In Texas?

As you are looking for the best patio covers in Texas for your home or business, you may come across many styles, materials, and companies. The truth is, the best patio covers will provide you with the best of all worlds: aesthetic appeal, reliability, strength, and...

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Can a Rain proof Pergola Last in a Storm?

Having a pergola that isn’t rainproof is like wearing a cotton hat in a rainstorm. Sure, it might be able to keep you from getting that sunburn, but as soon as the weather changes and starts to storm, that hat is toast. Soggy toast. A rain proof pergola means being...

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How Long will a Plastic Pergola Roof Last?

Pergola plastic roof Dallas TX: before most installations in your homes and businesses, one of the most common questions we hear is, “How long will a plastic pergola roof last?” That’s a very reasonable question, and one you should ask in order to make the best...

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The Best Pergola Roof Cover Ideas for Texas Weather

Are you a homeowner or business owner looking for pergola roof cover ideas? We can give you one suggestion right off the bat: make that unpredictable Texas weather a top factor in your search. While designing for aesthetic value is smart, it’s more important for a...

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Durable, All-Weather Resistant Pergola Covers: The Simple Solution

Knock, knock. “Yes?” “Hi. I’m your neighbor from a few blocks over. Here’s the top of your canopy. We found it in our yard this morning.” If that experience sounds familiar to you, it’s time to upgrade to something stronger and more permanent — and that won’t take...

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Example of a patio with a pergola cover