Can a Rain proof Pergola Last in a Storm?

Apr 15, 2022

Having a pergola that isn’t rainproof is like wearing a cotton hat in a rainstorm. Sure, it might be able to keep you from getting that sunburn, but as soon as the weather changes and starts to storm, that hat is toast. Soggy toast.

photo of a rain proof pergola

A rain proof pergola means being able to enjoy your deck or patio all year long — versus obsessively checking the weather forecast on your phone to see if you can sit outside in your own yard.

Yep, you can see that we’re big fans of Polygal Topgal’s multiwall polycarbonate covers for many reasons, and the fact that they are rainproof is a huge one.

But are the covers really rainproof, you ask? Or are the sheets simply better at preventing drips?

Oh, they’re actually waterproof alright. Even the manufacturer uses that word: waterproof. And here’s how it all works.

Why the Polygal Topgal Brand Means a Rain proof Pergola 

First of all, polycarbonate is one of the strongest outdoor building materials to begin with. But Polygal took that to a higher level, so to speak, by developing their multiwall polycarbonate sheets. The sheets don’t just connect; they interlock. This interlocking construction allows the sheets to expand and contract in inclement weather and in extreme heat, so they are less likely to become damaged due to stress.

In other words, they intentionally “breathe” so that they don’t become exhausted to the point of breaking – or, for the purpose of this discussion, leaking.

The result is a virtually unbreakable, rain proof pergola that can last 15-20 years barring any unusual circumstances. And when we say unusual, we mean extremely unusual – along the lines of lightning strikes and tornado touchdowns.

What the Experts Say

According to the manufacturer, Plazit-Polygal, the standing-seam panel connections within the pergola roofs prevent water from collecting and penetrating into buildings.

Not only is this material useful for homeowners and business owners, but manufacturers can benefit  as well. The powerful properties of multiwall polycarbonate sheets are based on the use of thermoplastics. The pliable materials can be molded during production to create the shapes and styles that manufacturers are looking for.

The material is even recyclable, so both manufacturers and property owners can feel good about choosing this material for construction projects.

Unforeseen Circumstances

In the rare event that the rain proof pergolas are damaged in terms of color, light transmission, and strength, owners can benefit from a 10-year warranty.

But with this kind of material, you’re unlikely to need it. In fact, the same material is often used to make bulletproof glass. Due to its “double T” structure, multiwall polycarbonate has high impact and flammability resistance. In addition to rainstorms, it can withstand windstorms and hailstorms.

Despite its strength, it’s also a comparatively lightweight material, allowing for easier and safer installation processes.

If you are interested in having a rain proof pergola installed at your Dallas/Ft. Worth area home or business, PolymerOutdoor’s installers have many years of expertise in the industry. We are also well aware of landscape and weather conditions that need to be considered during installation. We handle every step, from measurement to installation, and no detail is overlooked. We will get your pergola covers installed on time and to your expectations.

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