How Long will a Plastic Pergola Roof Last?

Apr 15, 2022

Pergola plastic roof Dallas TX: before most installations in your homes and businesses, one of the most common questions we hear is, “How long will a plastic pergola roof last?” That’s a very reasonable question, and one you should ask in order to make the best choices for your pergola. 

sun beaming on a dark wooden pergola roof

The answer is that it depends on specifically which type of plastic material you choose. While the materials may look similar, there are significant differences that will affect the functionality and longevity of the roof.

Why the Materials Used in Plastic Pergola Roofs Makes a Big Difference in Dallas, Texas

Under the right conditions, a plastic pergola roof can last up to 20 years! 

In comparison, a wooden pergola roof only lasts about five years, and that’s with regular maintenance. Plastic roofs usually need very little maintenance.

But not all types of plastic sheets are made equal, and that’s our focus here.

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest construction materials known to man, which is why it is used for things like bus stops and shopping center walkways. In fact, it’s virtually unbreakable. 

However, how the polycarbonate sheets are constructed and how a pergola roof is assembled will make a difference in the quality, appearance, benefits, and longevity of the overall structure.

Traditional polycarbonate sheets have glued seams, which may result in leaks when it rains. It also may mean a weaker structure and therefore a shorter lifespan.

These are among the reasons why PolymerOutdoor only uses Polygal Topgal multiwall polycarbonate sheets when installing pergola roof covers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

One of the greatest benefits of Topgal sheets is their ability to keep water from dripping through the roof. The sheets are made with an interlocking, multiwall design and a standing-seam panel system, resulting in stronger leak prevention. The multiwall design allows for quiet and safe expansion and contraction, so it can better withstand extreme heat, rain, and other pressures.

Barring highly rare and unusual circumstances, polycarbonate also won’t dent or ding during a hailstorm or fly off due to high winds, which further increases how long that plastic pergola roof will stay intact on your property.

Why PolymerOutdoor is the Right Choice

PolymerOutdoor is a trusted installer of plastic pergola roofs in Dallas, Texas. Our differentiator is that we are a part of the Polymershapes family of plastic-based businesses. As a result, you can feel especially assured that the installation and products we use are of the highest quality.

We also offer a 1-year warranty on our installation services, so in the rare event that something does go wrong, you can have greater peace of mind. Beyond this, Topgal has a 10-year warranty against hail, discoloration, and deterioration, so you can have greater peace of mind that your cover will last through the years.

And did we mention the number of options you have with regard to colors and sizes? Topgal sheets are available in 6, 8, 10, 16, and 20 millimeters and two standard widths (600 mm and 1,000 mm). The polycarbonate sheets are also available in a variety of colors, UV protection coatings, and reflective colors. So not only can you rest assured that your plastic pergola roof will last many years, but it can also beautify your residential or business property.

PolymerOutdoor also places a high priority on providing outstanding customer service as well as efficient, professional installation services. 

To learn more about our plastic pergola roof installation services or to request a quote, contact us through our website or give us a call.