Can Your Pergola Cover Company in Dallas/Ft. Worth Service My Hotel or Restaurant?

Aug 17, 2021

Yes, our pergola cover company in Dallas/Ft. Worth can service your hotel or restaurant! 

photo of a pergola cover installer

In fact, we enjoy doing it because there are so many options, locations, and designs we can use to beautify, secure, and enhance your property.

Not sure what we mean? Have you ever thought about all the places in a restaurant or hotel that could benefit from pergola covers? Consider these:

Indoor and Outdoor Gardens at Hotels

Outdoor scenery can really attract customers, and gardens specifically add a tranquil, comforting appeal to your hotel property. Hotel guests can sit back and relax in the beautiful atmosphere or walk around the grounds without worrying about wind or rain.

Pergola Covers for Hotel and Restaurant Dining Areas in Dallas/Ft. Worth

Pergola covers are not only about aesthetics. They can also keep patrons coming into your hotel or restaurant no matter the weather. In other words, contacting a pergola cover company to service your hotel or restaurant could help your bottom line. 

The return on investment is immeasurable because our pergola covers will remain like new for many years. There’s no telling what would happen without reliable covers for your outdoor dining areas, but there’s no denying that having the cover will make a difference.

Indoor and Outdoor Walkways

If your hotel or restaurant requires guests to walk a short distance to get to your doorway, a pergola cover is ideal to keep them nice and dry. 

Walkways may also be used to connect buildings, such as those found at large casino hotels. Pergola covers can secure the walkway while keeping debris out of the building.

Waiting Areas

Are hungry diners happy to wait in line to be able to enjoy your delicious food, drinks, and fun, welcoming vibe? That’s great! While they’re waiting, though, they’ll need an attractive, comfortable place to sit or stand.

Other waiting areas at hotels and restaurants in Dallas/Ft. Worth that could benefit from reliable, secure, long-lasting pergola covers include valet waiting areas and hotel lobby entrances.


You know your hotel patrons love sitting outdoors with a refreshing drink, great company, and good conversation. Pergola covers are the perfect solution for gazebos at hotel properties. In addition to keeping your guests comfortable, the covers can keep that pretty patio furniture clean and protect it from the sun’s rays.

Pool Areas

Lounge areas set near pools, hot tubs, and children’s water features are definitely attractive, but it can get awfully hot out there. Our insulated pergola covers offer UV protection, so your guests can stay cool under the shade. Creating a beautiful seating area around pools is among the most common uses for pergola covers at hotels in Dallas/Ft. Worth.


If you have outdoor shops or small stands at your hotel or restaurant, you will need a way to keep shoppers, employees, equipment, and merchandise dry. The covers will not only serve this purpose, but they can also add a fun and intriguing atmosphere at the property. 

If you are looking for a pergola cover company to service your hotel or restaurant in Dallas/Ft. Worth, contact PolymerOutdoor’s team to learn more about your options.

Our creative and skilled patio cover installers can help you identify the most aesthetically pleasing, secure solutions to meet your needs.