What are Polygal Topgal Pergola Covers and Why are They so Popular in Texas?

Feb 27, 2022

Polygal Topgal pergola covers can be found at businesses and homes throughout Texas, and there’s no need to wonder why they are so popular in the area. Polygal’s brand of covers are not only beautiful and secure, but they also offer unrivaled protection against the elements. 

photo of a polygal topgal pergola cover

As a resident of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, you know Mother Nature can be a beast, but it’s still no match for these pergola covers. 

The Benefits of Polygal Topgal Pergola Covers in Texas

Are you wondering why Polygal Topgal covers are so popular in Texas, specifically? Allow us to elaborate on all the benefits.

1. They look great.

The covers have a clean, crisp, polished appearance that can add curb value to your home or business.

2. One of the most durable building materials known to man is used to make the sheets.

Polygal Topgal pergola covers are made of multiwall polycarbonate. Among many other uses, polycarbonate is used for outdoor structures such as bus stops due to its durability and ability to withstand the elements.

3. Installing them is easy when you choose the best local pergola cover company to do it for you.

PolymerOutdoor’s pergola cover installers have years of experience and expertise in placing the sheets securely, ensuring that the job will be completed thoroughly, efficiently, and safely. You don’t have to concern yourself with doing it yourself, which can be a tough job if you don’t have the proper tools and equipment.

4. Hail won’t damage them.

Business owners and homeowners in the Dallas, Texas, area know they may face a hail storm at just about any time. Hail may ding or otherwise damage patio covers that are made of less durable materials. With the Polygal Topgal brand, you can rest assured that your pergola cover sheets will remain as smooth as the day we installed them.

5. High winds won’t damage them either.

Windstorms can be brutal in many areas of Texas. Homeowners and business owners need patio covers that will stay put and not cave. That’s one of the main reasons Polygal Topgal pergola covers are so popular in Texas. They won’t shatter, tatter, teeter, or tauter in the wind.

6. You can choose colors and shades to match your home or business.

The polycarbonate sheets are available in several colors and shades through Polygal, so you can choose the color that beautifies your property and best reflects your personality. Common colors for these polycarbonate sheets include:

  • Clear
  • Ice White
  • Bronze
7. Water won’t seep through.

One of the greatest benefits of Polygal Topgal pergola covers is the multiwall design. Many alternative covers have a glued seam, which can separate and allow leaks, especially over time. Topgal’s covers feature an innovative, interlocking design that can safely expand and contract naturally in response to temperatures and the elements. As a result, rain won’t drip through the covers, so your patio furniture can stay dry.

8. They can even fight off the rays of the sun.

The polycarbonate sheets are UV resistant, so you can sit comfortably under the patio on a sunny day. They also offer thermal insulation and solar heat control, creating a cooler environment than you might have with some other types of covers.

Contact PolymerOutdoor to Learn More

When you compare Polygal Topgal pergola covers with traditional covers or other alternatives, you can clearly see why they are so popular in Texas. In a state where the weather is unpredictable, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your home and your property are protected.

PolymerOutdoor offers pergola cover installation for homes and businesses throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area. Contact us for a quote, to book an appointment, or to learn more about the Polygal Topgal brand.