So You Want a Clear Pergola Roof in 2022? Choose Your Materials CarefullY

Apr 15, 2022

So you want to install a clear pergola roof in 2022? It’s important to choose your materials carefully because it may make a world of difference in your return on investment.

a clear plastic pergola roof

PolymerOutdoor only uses the Polygal Topgal brand of pergola covers, and we can’t say enough about their quality and benefits. 

6 Reasons Why Choosing the Best Materials is So Important for a Clear Pergola Roof

One benefit of Topgal covers is their transparency, which is exactly what you may be looking for. If you don’t have a clear pergola roof, sitting on your patio or deck would be like sitting indoors, and what’s the use of that? You want to be able to enjoy the blue skies, the shimmering stars, or maybe even admire an airplane flying overhead.

So the aesthetic value of choosing polycarbonate is obvious. But there are many more reasons why choosing  the correct materials for your clear pergola roof is so important.

1. Durability

Topgal covers are made of multiwall polycarbonate, one of the strongest building materials available today. They don’t shatter or break, and they won’t deteriorate over time.

The alternative: Other types of materials that may be used for pergola covers are typically not as strong. Glass, for example, could shatter, causing a dangerous situation. Wood may rot or warp over time. 

2. Low Maintenance

Other than possibly wiping away some sand or dirt every now and then, there’s really nothing you have to do to maintain polycarbonate pergola roofs.

The alternative: Wooden patio covers may need to be restained and possibly sanded.

3. Wind and water resistance

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Topgal covers is the wind and water resistance. The multiwall, interlocking design keeps water from dripping, so even rain won’t seep through. Choosing the correct materials for your clear pergola cover, therefore, means that your furniture can stay dry even when it rains. You may even be able to sit outside during a gentle, misty rain.

The alternative: Soaked furniture. Damp tables. Slippery patio floors.  Wet dogs. Mushy hot dogs. You get it. The whole idea of a pergola cover is to be able to enjoy a backyard barbecue, entertain guests, and enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about rain putting a damper on the mood. If you were to choose a cloth awning instead of a pergola cover, you would also risk it blowing away or getting damaged on an especially windy day.

4. Stronger than hail

Polycarbonate won’t dent or ding even during a hailstorm. You can rest assured that the roof will remain as beautiful and structurally sound as it was the day we installed it.

The alternative: Hail can be extremely powerful when it falls. If it can chip a car windshield, it can definitely damage materials like metal, glass, or cloth.

5. UV protection

If you want a clear pergola roof, you will need some protection from the sun. As they offer UV protection, Topgal covers will keep your patio, deck, or walkway cooler.

The alternative: The alternative is that your patio may double as a desert heat sauna. … Other materials may indeed block the sun and offer shade, but they would become incredibly warm and increasingly brittle over time. In other words, the heat would become trapped in materials like wood, and that heat will be transferred onto you. Cloth awning covers would not provide as much UV protection either, as the sun can pass right through them.

How PolymerOutdoor can Help You

If you need a clear pergola roof installed, PolymerOutdoor can help you identify the best design options to fit your needs. When you contact us for patio cover installation at your Dallas/Ft. Worth home or business, you can feel confident that the polycarbonate sheets will be placed efficiently, safely, and accurately.

Contact us for a quote or to schedule an appointment. We’ll look forward to beautifying your yard or business property.