Durable, All-Weather Resistant Pergola Covers: The Simple Solution

Aug 4, 2021

Knock, knock.


“Hi. I’m your neighbor from a few blocks over. Here’s the top of your canopy. We found it in our yard this morning.”

If that experience sounds familiar to you, it’s time to upgrade to something stronger and more permanent — and that won’t take flight on a windy day.

All-weather resistant pergola covers are just what you need to enjoy your yard every day without worrying about damage from wind, hail, or even the sun’s powerful rays. Best of all, you don’t have to hassle with putting it up or taking it down in order to enjoy sitting on your patio. Once we finish installing it, you’re all set.

photo of an all-weather resistant pergola cover

Benefits of Having All-Weather Resistant Pergola Covers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth

Owners of homes and businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area can benefit from all-weather resistant pergola covers in many ways. You never know what the day may hold when you live in Texas. The weather may change in an instant, so it’s wise to expect the best and plan for the worst.

Beating the Summer Sun

It’s hot out here in the summer … blazing hot. That means that your patio furniture can really take a beating from the sun. Furniture can become discolored, dry, and brittle. 

UV-resistant patio covers, such as the PolyGal TopGal polycarbonate covers we install at homes and businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, can protect your furniture from the sun’s rays. They may also keep the deck, patio, or walkway cooler, allowing you to enjoy time outdoors without feeling the heat rising up from the surface.

Clearly, the covers can protect people and pets from the heat and sun as well, enabling you to sit outdoors more comfortably.

Fighting Hail

Traditional covers for bus stops, shopping center walkways, commercial building properties, carports, backyard patios, and front porches can be dinged by strong hail. In addition to protection, the patios should beautify the property, but covers with dings, scratches, or cracks can ruin their appearance.

TopGal covers stand up to hail, so you can feel confident that your cover will last and remain beautiful for years.

Standing Up to the Wind

Here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, the wind can come swooping down at any moment. For seven months every year, residents brace themselves for flying debris, hats that turn into Frisbees, and really bad hair days. 

If you have an all-weather resistant pergola cover, one thing you won’t have to worry about is whether or not that will stay put.

Shelter from the Rain

With the weather being so unpredictable in Dallas, it’s best to be prepared for anything that may come. Rain can easily spoil your outdoor event. A powerful yet beautiful patio cover can help you entertain guests, enjoy time with your family, or simply relax in your lounge chair any day of the year. 

Additionally, our covers are made of top-grade material that is water-resistant, so the sheets themselves will not be damaged by rain. Due to TopGal’s innovative, interlocking, standing-seam panel system, rain cannot penetrate the sheets, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

Taking Patio Covers to the Next Level

How is it possible to have a pergola cover that can resist just about any weather event that comes its way?

Our covers are made of polycarbonate, one of the strongest materials available for construction purposes. The TopGal covers are more rigid, stronger, and offer greater solar heat control than traditional multiwall polycarbonate covers. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, so the sheets don’t crack due to hail and won’t be damaged by strong winds.

In other words, no wind, no rain, no hail, no heat is a match for PolyGal.

Intrigued? Contact us for a quote or more information about our all-weather resistant pergola covers for homes and businesses in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.