The Best Pergola Roof Cover Ideas for Texas Weather

Apr 15, 2022

Are you a homeowner or business owner looking for pergola roof cover ideas? We can give you one suggestion right off the bat: make that unpredictable Texas weather a top factor in your search.

the roof of a wooden pergola patio without a cover

While designing for aesthetic value is smart, it’s more important for a pergola roof to be able to withstand anything Texas weather can throw at it. Keeping people, pets, and furniture protected, after all, is the primary reason for a pergola roof. If you have something beautiful that doesn’t do its job, what’s the use?

Ideally, the pergola would do both: enhance the curb value of your property and stand up to the Texas weather.

9 Pergola Roof Cover Ideas

Whether you choose Polygal Topgal multiwall polycarbonate covers or a different material and design altogether, you can design your cover to make it eye-catching and attractive. Following are several pergola roof cover ideas that can create a setting that is as beautiful and unique as it is functional.

1. Add greenery on the pergola roof and along the sides of the structure. Go all green or consider incorporating colorful flowers into the design.

2. Go for a Bohemian style to create a fun, outdoorsy, simple appearance. If you do go for this colorful, tent-like Boho style, consider merging these elements with a polycarbonate pergola cover to ensure it will withstand the Texas weather.

3. Add patterned fabrics underneath each of the polycarbonate sheets on the roof. Cut the fabric to size and attach them overhead to create a colorful, unique appearance. Because this isn’t especially expensive or permanent, you can change them for the season or when the mood suits you.

4. For greater privacy and weather protection, attach screens or sheets from the pergola roof to the ground along the sides of the pergola. Think along the lines of window drapes.

5. Go for a minimalist look with bamboo along the sides or as an addition to the polycarbonate roof.

6. Decorative wooden boards would suit most styles, and you can merge this concept with the plants we mention above. Together, you’ll have a truly forest-like, natural-looking patio or deck.

7. Add lights on top of the pergola roof or underneath the sheets for an elegant design that will have you and your guests sitting outdoors well into the night..

8. Use a shingled roof to create a more solid structure similar to a gazebo you might find at a community park. 

9. Add artistically designed, perforated metal sheets directly underneath the polycarbonate roof as a design element.

These are only some of the pergola roof cover ideas that are suitable for Texas weather. Consider your personality, your preferences, and the theme of your overall home to create your own unique design.

However, we do need to remind you of one more factor: You will most likely need to follow some rules. …

Requirements for a Pergola Cover in Texas

You may need to obtain a permit for a pergola cover in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. 

You should research ordinances and laws as they pertain to your specific community and your plans for the structure. However, basically a building permit is required only for patios/decks that are more than 30 inches high and/or 120 square feet or larger. You also would need a permit if the pergola cover itself is 120 square feet or larger.

You also would need a permit if you are planning to pour concrete for the surface of the patio or deck.

Generally, it takes about two days to one week to get a permit for residential work, but it may take several weeks for a permit for changes to a commercial site. If you are planning to add a pergola roof at a commercial property, you may also have to resolve issues with easements, zoning laws, and more. Review your rights and your property lines carefully before beginning your project, or ask your contractor about facts you may need to know in this regard.

You also should check with any landlords, building managers, or homeowners’ associations to make sure the installation is allowed.

In many cases, the contractor will handle permitting issues for you. However, it’s important for you to also be aware of these issues for timing and budgeting purposes or if you’re planning to install your pergola on your own.

Contact us for more information about these legal requirements or to learn more about our pergola cover installation services in Texas.