Things to Consider When Buying a Pergola

Oct 6, 2023

Any investment into your home or business can be an exciting endeavor. Taking advantage of unused space, and turning it into a livable area, expands the possibilities of your living space. Outdoor dining spaces, living rooms, kitchens, and fire pits can incorporate an array of features. However, buying a pergola is much more challenging than putting up a temporary canopy. Pergolas and patio covers are a permanent investment. They require much more involvement in order to make the most of the opportunity. 

There are many things to consider before buying a custom pergola for your outdoor space. Pergolas offer all sorts of benefits, but a lot of decisions go into making sure the final product is exactly what you need. 

What to Consider When Buying a Pergola

Property owners looking to revamp their outdoor living space have many things to consider. Custom outdoor spaces are an opportunity to personalize the experience and make the final product fulfill your vision. To accomplish this, there are several major factors to look into before beginning your project. 


Before costs and materials can be determined, it’s important to plan out exactly how much land the outdoor living space should cover. The size of the living space could impact maintenance costs, what accessories could be added, and what other investments could make it feel complete. 


Homeowners across the US experience many different types of climates, and with their own unique impact on the outdoor environment. Regions in the northern part of the country tend to be more arid, which could dry out and weaken natural materials like wood. The warmer, more humid regions in the south could soften, warp, and deform other material options. On top of investing in the highest quality materials available in your area, understanding your local climate challenges could help you avoid maintenance costs down the road. 

Pros & Cons of Different Materials

One of the first questions homeowners may answer is what they want their pergola to be made of. Patio covers and pergolas are made from a wide selection of materials. The ideal options can depend on many factors, from cost to overall quality. Some may even consider incorporating pergola covers to further protect the quality of their investment. 

The most popular types of pergola options fulfill both style and function. The best materials can also handle fluctuating weather patterns and various maintenance options. Selecting the best one for your home requires an in-depth look at their strengths and weaknesses. 

Investing in a Pergola Cover

Even the best materials can benefit from added protection. Metal is a common option, but they are known to sustain damage and conduct heat. Wood can warp and degrade over time. Other material options may not be as visually appealing. However, multiwall polycarbonate patio covers offer optimal performance.  

Topgal polycarbonate, developed by Plaskolite, is a twinwall material option designed with the outdoors in mind. Topgal multiwall panels are UV-treated, fluted sheets of polycarbonate. The twinwall structure allows for improved insulation. Lastly, polycarbonate’s durability reduces maintenance and damage risk. The result is improved temperature-regulation and sun protection, all provided by a clear plastic that won’t clash with the surrounding aesthetic. Contact a PolymerOutdoor specialist to learn more. 


The last and arguably the most important thing to consider is your budget. The total cost of a pergola, its covers, and other accessories can drastically vary. Determining your budget upfront can help streamline the selection and buying process. It can also help you pick the highest-quality materials within the boundaries you’ve set. 

Consider Including a Pergola Cover from PolymerOutdoor

PolymerOutdoor is a leading distributor of twinwall polycarbonate pergola covers. Manufactured by Plaskolite-Polygal, Topgal polycarbonate sheets feature an array of qualities that make them optimal for the outdoors: UV-resistance, fluting for improved insulation, extreme durability, clear material, and many more. If you’re considering installing a pergola, include a Topgal polycarbonate cover for long-term protection. To learn more, contact PolymerOutdoor today.