Seattle, WA Pergola Covers

Seattle homeowners and businesses understand the importance of preparing for crazy weather. Investing in outdoor structures and durable coverings is a great way to improve your outdoor living space. However, to accomplish this, you need a patio pergola cover made out of a material that can handle the harshest conditions.

PolymerOutdoor is a leading distributor of Plazit-Polygal’s polycarbonate covers, known as Topgal. From protection from UV rays to rain/hail resistance, Topgal is known for its durability and shielding qualities. To learn more about Topgal polycarbonate and why you should invest in a new patio cover, contact a PolymerOutdoor expert today.

Pergola Cover Installations in Seattle, WA

PolymerOutdoor installs high-quality pergola covers in Seattle, WA and surrounding areas. Whether you are covering a dining space or other outdoor living area, the cover can only perform as intended if it’s installed properly. PolymerOutdoor installers are experienced professionals that will ensure your heavy-duty cover will perform when you need it most.

Plastic pergola cover equipped on a home in Seattle, WA.

Topgal Polycarbonate Pergola Canopies by Plazit-Polygal

Plazit-Polygal, a Plaskolite company, has developed a clear covering for pergolas that has qualities and capabilities beyond traditional wood or vinyl. Plazit-Polygal’s pergola canopies are made of Topgal polycarbonate, a virtually unbreakable plastic that is known for its proven history in outdoor applications. Each pergola cover comes with an array of innovative features:

Standing-Seam Paneling System

Rain, Snow, and Hail Protection

10-Year Warranty

The weakest points on many roofing panels and pergola covers are the seams. Although they are often tightly bound and perhaps even sealed, over time the separate panels may begin to separate. This could not only lead to leaks onto your outdoor space, but also potential damage to the inside of the cover. Topgal’s standing seam paneling system incorporates covered, interlocking pieces that provide a water-tight seal and improved strength at every seam.

Seattle homeowners and businesses are no strangers to harsh weather. While the enjoyment of outdoor living is heavily reliant on proper shade, your outdoor space should also be able to withstand hard weather.

Wood may sustain water damage and begin to rot after years of rain exposure. Vinyl may warp, chip, or split due to fluctuating temperatures and humidity. Aluminum may dent or rust as it gets exposed to rain, snow, or hail. Heavy-duty Topgal polycarbonate is proven to provide reliable protection from rain, snow, hail, and more. If you’re looking to invest in a material that can protect your outdoor space for the long term, contact a PolymerOutdoor specialist today.

Polygal has been developing and building industry-leading pergola patio covers for over 45 years. Polygal’s American-made products come with a 10-year warranty for any material that is 6mm or thicker. Standard polycarbonate and premium-grade Topgal both have a 10-year warranty against any yellowing, discoloring, and hail damage. To qualify, the hail damage must be less than the size of a quarter, and must have penetrated both the top and the bottom of the sheet.  For more information, reach out to a PolymerOutdoor expert.