Types of Patio Cover Designs and Their Benefits

Jun 21, 2021

Patio covers can go a long way in beautifying your home or business, and the various types of patio cover designs are virtually endless. Whether you are looking for something to enhance the look and feel of your home or are researching options for a client’s construction project, our multiwall polycarbonate patio covers can offer the ideal solution.

photo of patio cover designs

Types of Patio Covers Available through PolymerOutdoor

PolymerOutdoor partners with leading manufacturer PolyGal to provide weather-resistant, durable, and aesthetically pleasing patio covers for homes and businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

We can install exceptionally designed patio covers for many different types of structures. Consider the following possibilities.

1. Residential Properties

Whether you are looking for a cover for your patio or other structure in your yard, we can provide stunning and durable solutions that last.

2. Commercial Awnings

Protect your property, your customers, and your employees from rain and hail, all while adding an aesthetic, eye-catching element to your business.

3. Commercial Business Patios

Diners, shoppers, and clients can mingle, enjoy a nice dinner, or simply take a break from the hustle and bustle on your cool, relaxing patio. 

4. Carports

Traditional carports frequently have dings and other damage due to the elements, heat, and basic wear-and-tear. Our sturdier option can help ensure that the carports protect vehicles and people while keeping your property looking clean, new, and vibrant. Because our materials are also UV-resistant and provide thermal insulation, they can keep vehicles under them cooler than basic metal carports can.

5. Bus Stops

Passengers can feel safe and secure within our multiwall polycarbonate structures. Bus stops that consist of our materials can also last longer due to their strength, durability, and water resistance. They can also feature artistic designs, so you can feel good about beautifying the community.

6. Walkways

Covers on walkways at universities, shopping outlets, manufacturing facilities, and corporate buildings enable users to stay cool and dry. Covering a walkway can also enhance the appearance of the property, which can capture the attention of clients, shoppers, students, diners, and any other groups of individuals you wish to attract.

Partnerships that Work for You

PolymerOutdoor works with PolyGal to create powerful, beautiful patio covers. PolyGal’s exceptional product, TopGal, is an innovative product that is head and shoulders above the standard polycarbonate materials.

Traditional covers have glued seams, which means they can separate and leak. When you are sitting outside enjoying your patio, you want to feel stress-free without any concerns about rain or other elements spoiling your day. You also should have confidence that your patio is secure when you’re away from home as well.

PolyGal’s TopGal is made of premium material and offers outstanding durability, powerful water resistance, and greater solar heat control than traditional patio covers. The high-performance plastic is virtually unbreakable and offers thermal insulation as well as UV protection. It’s also available in a variety of colors and styles, so you, your family, your friends, and your customers can stay cool and safe from the elements within a beautiful setting. Through it all, TopGal still allows the sun to shine through, which allows you to enjoy the outdoors the way they were meant to be enjoyed.

In addition to working with TopGal, PolymerOutdoor is also a part of the global Polymershapes organization. Consisting of several branches and specialty companies, Polymershapes has been a top manufacturer and distributor of plastic materials for generations. Today, Polymershapes has more than 80 locations and 800 employees, and it provides an extensive array of plastic products, solutions, and machining.

The fact that we are a part of Polymershapes is just another benefit of choosing PolymerOutdoor for your patio covers. If you need something else to enhance the setting or are planning a different project altogether, we can help make it easy by pointing you in the right direction for unsurpassed solutions.

To learn more about the types of patio covers we can install for you or to get your project started, request a quote online.