Orlando, FL Custom Pergola Cover Builders

Florida is known for its heavy rain, high humidity, and extreme heat. Such a combination can make it difficult to truly enjoy the outdoors. Pergola canopies have become a stylish and popular way to bring comfort to your outdoor space year-round.  However, to get long-lasting quality, you need a durable and lightweight material that can handle whatever weather conditions it may face.

PolymerOutdoor is a leading installer of high-quality polycarbonate pergola covers in Orlando, FL. While alternative materials like wood and vinyl may wear and degrade over time, Topgal polycarbonate is known for its resilience and wear durability. To learn more about how to enhance your outdoor living space, contact a PolymerOutdoor specialist today.

Large outdoor living space in Orlando, FL with plastic pergola cover

Topgal Polycarbonate: Plazit-Polygal’s Solution to Durable Pergola cover Material

Pergolas are a major feature of your outdoor space. It only makes sense to invest in the highest quality material available, and reliable pergola cover builders in Orlando, FL that can install them properly. PolymerOutdoor uses Polygal’s polycarbonate material to install long-lasting outdoor pergola covers. While other common materials like wood or vinyl degrade over time due to weather exposure, Topgal is specifically designed to handle the harshest conditions. Benefits include:

Standing-Seam Panel System

Damage Resistance and 10-Year Warranty

Diverse Selection of Color Options

Traditional covers feature seams that are glued together, and could eventually separate. Topgal’s standing-seam panel system reinforces the entire structure at the seams, preventing any leaks from plaguing your living space. It also strengthens the integrity of the entire structure, allowing it to withstand higher winds, hail, debris, and other natural hazards that may come its way. The locking mechanism increases the waterproofing of your pergola cover and outdoor space.

Conventional materials like vinyl or wood are prone to damage. Polycarbonate is known for being one of the most durable plastics on the market, making it the ideal plastic covering for pergolas. Standard polycarbonate and premium-grade Topgal both have a 10-year warranty against any yellowing, discoloring, and hail damage. To qualify, the hail damage must be less than the size of a quarter, and must have penetrated both the top and the bottom of the sheet.  For more information, reach out to a PolymerOutdoor expert.

Florida homes and commercial spaces come in a variety of styles and themes, and we understand that most people would want to stay true to their home’s themes and colors. We offer a selection of color options to best fit the style of your living space. PolymerOutdoor gives Orlando, FL homeowners and businesses the opportunity to invest in safety, security, and style all at once.