How to Cover a Pergola

Aug 15, 2023

Pergolas are outdoor features known for adding ambiance, style, and protection to your outdoor living space. While many people install pergolas for decoration, many invest in them to protect the furnishings and features of the living space. The right pergola cover material can provide thermal insulation, improved waterproofing, protection from rain and snow, shade, etc. Many of the most popular pergola cover ideas come to fruition by using a reliable and versatile material. 

PolymerOutdoor is a pergola cover supplier that provides high-quality polycarbonate material options throughout the US. With products manufactured by Plaskolite-Polygal, PolymerOutdoor’s polycarbonate pergola covers are a premier product made to last. 

Best Material to Cover a Pergola With

Pergolas are a decorative feature in many outdoor spaces that often have a functional purpose as well. A basic pergola provides shade, and adding a cover protects occupants from rain or UV exposure. There are many different pergola cover material options, including metal, vinyl, wood, plastic, and more. Among the many different options, one of the best things to cover a pergola with is UV-treated multiwall polycarbonate. 

What Are Clear Pergola Covers Made Of?

Protecting your pergola is crucial for maximizing the benefits it provides. While fabric covers and metal are among the many material options available, polycarbonate panels are widely used due to their versatility and durability. Transparent pergola covers are great for adding a protective feature that blends in with the surrounding color palette. The best transparent roofing material for pergolas is a multiwall polycarbonate sheet. 

Best Polycarbonate for Pergola Covers 

PolymerOutdoor is a leading provider of Topgal polycarbonate, manufactured by Plaskolite-Polygal. Topgal is a premium-grade, UV-resistant polycarbonate panel that is known for its strength and resilience in outdoor applications. Contact us today to learn more. 

Benefits of a Clear Polycarbonate Pergola Cover

  • Easy to install: The installation of the material is straightforward and streamlined. All materials needed for installation are provided by PolymerOutdoor. 
  • Protection from sun and rain: Topgal’s strength and UV treatment protect the living space from rain or sun damage. 
  • Reliability: Resilience across various weather conditions. 
  • Temperature regulating capabilities: Multiwall Polycarbonate can offer up to 15 degree temperature reduction. 
  • Protection for outdoor features: Polycarbonate is durable enough to handle harsh conditions and hard impacts, which could protect your living space from damage. 
  • Weather protection: Topgal’s strength and durability can prevent damage caused by the sun, rain, snow, hail, and wind. 

Installing the Pergola Cover

Multiwall Polycarbonate is regarded as one of the best plastics for pergola covers. One of its most beneficial features is how easy it is to install and secure. It is so strong, it can be drilled without cracking or splitting. Drilling directly into the material gives the entire pergola a sleek, more complete finish. 

Other material options, like vinyl or fabrics, require much more attachments and installation equipment. This complicates the installation process. This also means there are many other parts to look out for, each with their own lifespans and vulnerabilities. 

Other plastics, like acrylic, can be glued. However, over time, adhesive materials may not hold up after years of weather exposure. Moisture could damage the adhesive, leading to an unpleasant appearance as time goes on. Removing and reapplying the glue is also an intensive process. 

Polycarbonate makes installation and maintenance as simple as possible.  

Visit PolymerOutdoor to Learn More

Pergolas add style and function to outdoor spaces across the country. However, choosing the right material to cover it with could have an impact on the return on your investment. Polycarbonate pergola covers are easy to install and come with a list of benefits, making them a wise investment. 

PolymerOutdoor is North America’s premier pergola cover supplier. We provide the US with long-lasting pergola covers made from polycarbonate twinwall. From ease of installation to a long service life, it’s one of the go-to materials for pergola and patio covers. UV-treated Topgal polycarbonate is specifically designed for lasting protection. To invest in long-term protection, contact PolymerOutdoor today.