Custom Pergola Covers in Salt Lake City, UT

Utah is known for being one of the driest states in the US, along with low humidity averages and snowfall. Snow can be deceptively heavy, which means your pergola cover needs to be made of a material that can hold up against its weight. Plastic coverings for pergolas are beginning to outshine aluminum or wood alternatives due to their weight-bearing capabilities and weatherability. 

PolymerOutdoor is a leading pergola cover company in Salt Lake City, UT. We install Plazit-Polygal durable Topgal materials to ensure lasting quality year-round. For more information about Topgal and pergola installations, contact a PolymerOutdoor expert today.  

Salt Lake City, UT Pergola Cover Installations

Our pergola builders in Salt Lake City, UT specialize in supplying high-quality patio covers throughout the area. To ensure you get the most out of your investment, PolymerOutdoor specialists will install your new cover, so your outdoor space has the protection it needs. 

Large outdoor space in Salt Lake City, UT equipped with a plastic patio cover

Plazit-Polygal’s Polycarbonate Pergola Canopies

Plazit-Polygal’s canopies and covers are made of polycarbonate plastic. Alternative materials may succumb to water damage or the weight of snow. Topgal polycarbonate is developed to be a lightweight, durable alternative that will supply lasting comfort and safety. 

American-Made, Long-Lasting, Durable Material

Standing-Seam Paneling System

10-Year Warranty

A single inch of snow can weigh more than 1.6 pounds per square foot. Snow is known for damaging roofs and pergola covers due to its weight alone. While vinyl or wood may succumb to the weight, Topgal is a plastic covering for pergolas that is one of the strongest and most lightweight material options available. 

Due to the regular snowfall Utah experiences, homeowners and businesses are looking to invest in waterproof pergola covers. The glued seams found in conventional products may eventually separate or wear away, leading to water damage. Topgal’s standing-seam design reinforces seams and weak points to ensure lasting protection as snow melts. 

Outdoor structures are designed to take a beating, but even high-quality canopy systems could still sustain damage. Standard polycarbonate and premium-grade Topgal both have a 10-year warranty against any yellowing, discoloring, and hail damage. To qualify, the hail damage must be less than the size of a quarter, and must have penetrated both the top and the bottom of the sheet.  For more information, reach out to a PolymerOutdoor expert.