Custom Pergola Covers in Miami, FL

Making the most of outdoor décor requires attention to detail. Due to extreme heat and frequent rain, investing in a covering or shade structure is important for enjoying the outdoors in Miami. With pergola covers becoming commonplace, it’s essential to make sure yours is made of quality materials designed for Miami’s harsh weather conditons. 

PolymerOutdoor provides South Florida with high-quality polycarbonate coverings for pergolas by partnering with Plazit-Polygal. Polygal has over four decades of experience developing lightweight, high-performance plastic coverings for pergola covers that can withstand even the harshest conditions. To learn more about Polygal and schedule one of our services, reach out to a PolymerOutdoor representative today. 

PolymerOutdoor’s Pergola Cover Installation Services in Miami, FL

PolymerOutdoor not only designs and builds outdoor pergola covers with high-quality materials, but also offers fast and reliable installation services. Getting installation services directly from the distributor ensures that your project is fully functional once completed. Once the installation service is complete, your outdoor space will be ready to host any event you may have planned. To learn more about our pergola cover installations in Miami, FL, and surrounding areas, contact us today. 

Newly installed polycarbonate pergola cover in Miami, FL

Topgal Polycarbonate: The Strongest Pergola Material

Aluminum, wood, and vinyl pergola covers are all very common in Miami. However, many homeowners struggle to see consistent quality from them, especially as time goes on. Due to high winds, harsh weather conditions, and high humidity, these materials can degrade over time. Wood and vinyl are known for splitting, while aluminum is extremely heavy and prone to denting. Plazit-Polygal has introduced its Topgal polycarbonate pergola and patio covers to address this issue.  

High Long-Term Durability

Standing-Seam Paneling System

10Year Warranty

Topgal is designed with one of the strongest plastics available: polycarbonate. Known for being virtually unbreakable, polycarbonate can endure weather effects such as heavy rain, wind, hail, etc. with no degradation in strength or quality. If you’re looking to invest in a long-lasting plastic cover for your pergola, Topgal is a proven option that will provide reliable protection. 

Topgal’s standing-seam panel system reinforces the seams to prevent leaks or water damage. Knowing rain won’t breach the roof of your outdoor structure means you’ll get the most out of your outdoor space. If you’re looking for a waterproof pergola cover, Topgal’s design outperforms the glued seams of conventional alternatives. 

Standard polycarbonate and premium-grade Topgal both have a 10-year warranty against any yellowing, discoloring, and hail damage. To qualify, the hail damage must be less than the size of a quarter, and must have penetrated both the top and the bottom of the sheet.  For more information, reach out to a PolymerOutdoor expert.