Custom Pergola Covers in Houston, TX

Outdoor living has become an extension of the home. While the home itself is meant to be a place of safety and comfort, enjoying the outdoors is a key part of the living experience. However, weather in the Houston area can be notoriously hot and rainy, making it difficult to get the most out of your outdoor space. Investing in a shade structure is a great way to invest in your outdoor living space. 

PolymerOutdoor is a leading pergola cover company in Houston, TX that can equip your home with long-lasting outdoor solutions. We partner with Plazit-Polygal to ensure every pergola canopy is produced using proven materials and the latest technology. Contact a PolymerOutdoor specialist today to learn more about Polygal and invest in a high-quality outdoor structure. 

Houston, TX Pergola Cover Installation Services

PolymerOutdoor not only designs and builds outdoor pergolas with high-quality materials, but also offers fast and reliable installation services. Installation services directly from the distributor ensure that your project is fully functional upon completion. Once the installation service is complete, your outdoor space will be ready to host any event. Reach out to PolymerOutdoor to learn more. 

Newly constructed pergola with polycarbonate pergola cover in Houston, TX

Plazit-Polygal Pergola Canopy Materials

PolymerOutdoor doesn’t settle for cheap materials. The Texas heat and humidity from the Gulf can weaken common materials like aluminum, vinyl, or wood. Wood may soften or split, while aluminum is heavy and may rust. Vinyl is notorious for warping, cracking, or splitting due to fluctuations in air pressure or humidity. PolymerOutdoor partners with Plazit-Polygal to make high-quality pergola covers out of one of the most resilient plastics available: polycarbonate. 

American-Made, Long-Lasting, Durable Material

Standing-Seam Paneling System

10-Year Warranty

To build a pergola cover, it’s important to invest in materials that are proven to last no matter the weather conditions. Polygal has over 45 years of experience as a leading brand for high-performance pergola patio covers. Polygal’s covers are made out of Topgal polycarbonate, which is manufactured in the USA. Investing in Topgal is one of the best ways to keep your outdoor space comfortable. 

Topgal covers and pergolas are designed and built to provide lasting protection against a wide array of conditions. Topgal’s standing-seam panel system ensures that no water will seep between the seams, resulting in lasting protection and a reliable patio cover that will keep your outdoor space dry and comfortable year-round.  

Standard polycarbonate and premium-grade Topgal both have a 10-year warranty against any yellowing, discoloring, and hail damage. To qualify, the hail damage must be less than the size of a quarter, and must have penetrated both the top and the bottom of the sheet.  For more information, reach out to a PolymerOutdoor expert.