Can Pergola Covers be Hail Proof?

Jun 13, 2022

hail proof polycarbonate pergola cover on top of a metal pergola

You know what Benjamin Franklin said: Nothing is certain except death and taxes. When it comes to whether or not our pergola covers are hail proof, though, it’s about as certain as you can get.

There will always be exceptions, such as if a phenomenal piece of hail the size of a baseball comes down with the speed of a pitch by Justin Verlander. Still, if you are looking for pergola covers that can stand up to somewhat reasonable hail storms, our Polygal Topgal covers are a sure-fire solution.

Hail Proof Pergola Covers: What Makes This Possible

Polycarbonate is one of the strongest, most durable building materials on Earth, and it is the go-to for many outdoor structures, such as bus stops and shopping center walkways.

PolymerOutdoor only installs pergola covers made by Plazit-Polygal. Topgal sheets are not only made of durable polycarbonate but also include several other features that make them withstand hail, wind, and rain.

  • The interlocking seam panel system prevents rain from dripping onto a patio, deck, or walkway. Other brands of patio covers may leave space between sheets, which could allow rain to drip through as they deteriorate over time.
  • Due to this innovative construction, the sheets can expand or contract slightly. The result is that fluctuations in temperature won’t damage them. In other words, a little flexibility goes a long way in preventing the sheets from becoming brittle or breaking due to extreme heat or even the occasional extreme cold.
  • Topgal sheets’ rigid structure makes them stronger under high winds during those hail storms.

In addition to their damage resistance qualities, the panels also offer UV protection. They are available in several colors as well as special color layers that selectively reflect solar radiation. As a result, the sheets won’t become damaged over time due to the sun’s powerful rays. The pergola covers can also keep your patio or deck cooler, so you, guests, customers, or even pets can enjoy the benefits all year long.

The pergola covers are also backed by a 10-year warranty for color, light transmission, and strength.

How PolymerOutdoor Makes It Easy

PolymerOutdoor is a part of the Polymershapes family of companies, and Polymershapes is the ultimate name when it comes to manufacturing and distributing high-quality plastic products. So not only do you get nearly hail proof pergola covers, but you can feel confident that you’re using a reputable pergola cover installation company that is backed by a national brand.

Our installers have many years of experience in installing pergola covers at homes and businesses throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, so you can feel confident in the durability of the sheets as well as the integrity of the construction. 

Contact us to learn more about what makes our pergola covers virtually hail proof, rainproof, and UV resistant. Schedule an appointment or request a quote through our website, or call us at 972-304-2525 if you have any questions.

Bonus Fun Fact: The typical speed of hail is between 9 and 40 mph. Justin Verlander’s fastest pitch ever was 102 mph, with his typical pitch being 95 mph. So don’t worry. Hail isn’t flying through anywhere near that fast.