Are Pergolas Worth It?

May 27, 2022

sun shining on a wooden pergola roof

Are pergolas worth it? As you and your wife walk around your backyard, you both look at your deck and wonder how you can improve the seating area. You are all for installing a pergola, but she’s not so certain about it.

“Would it make more sense to install a cloth canopy instead of a permanent pergola? What do you think?”

We can’t say for sure what’s on your mind, but if we were in your sandals, we would say something like this while counting on our fingers. …

“There are a lot of reasons why pergolas are worth it:

#1: Like you said, they’re permanent.

A pergola will be up all year. Once it’s up, it’s done. We don’t have to worry about taking it down at all or reassembling it at any point.

#2: Polycarbonate pergola covers won’t rip or blow away in the wind like that cloth cover we had at our former house, remember?

There are a lot of different types of materials people use for the covers of the pergolas, including wood, glass, and cloth. The best is plastic, or polycarbonate specifically. They’re the strongest and most durable materials, but they’ll still look great in our backyard.

#3: It hails all the time here. When you use polycarbonate sheets, they won’t get damaged.

Polycarbonate sheets can hold up to almost anything. Some other materials might ding when it hails, but polycarbonate pretty much never will unless all hail breaks loose. 


Yeah, I knew that would make you laugh.

#4: It will keep our deck cooler.

Covered pergolas keep some of the sun and heat out, so they say the temperature is about 10 to 20 degrees cooler under a pergola.

#5: You can sit out here all year without worrying about getting a sunburn. I know how much you hate how that feels.

Both of us like to sit outside as often as we can, but we need some kind of shade. We might as well have a permanent pergola that gives us that comfort we’re looking for.

#6: They’re better at keeping the rain off the deck and the furniture.

When it’s installed properly, a polycarbonate pergola cover is better at preventing leaks when it rains.

#7: You can have your parents and cousins over for barbecues all the time without worrying about the weather.

A fenced backyard with new patio furniture and a pergola patio cover

Remember that barbecue we had planned for Kevin’s first birthday party a few years ago? We had planned for days. Then as soon as everyone got here, it started storming, and you all had to go inside. I was walking in and out trying to barbecue in the rain. 

I tell ya, if we had a sturdy pergola, you could have all stayed out there with me and the party wouldn’t have been ruined. We can even design the pergola in a way that the sides can be covered, if you want to do that. 

We don’t even have to stop with the deck, by the way. We can add a huge pergola right there over a part of the lawn to enhance the appearance of our backyard even more.

#8: It’s really not all that much more expensive when you consider the value of the investment.

Why would we have something less stable when all we’d need to do is spend a little more for all of these benefits?

#9. We had been talking about possibly selling this house in a few years. Buyers would appreciate having a pergola cover, so we might be able to get a little return on that investment.

A beautiful pergola looks like it’s an extension of the house, and it would make the backyard look so inviting. It could be a selling point, especially when we tell potential buyers about how little maintenance it requires.

#10: PolymerOutdoor installs pergola covers all over Dallas quickly and easily.

You know, so you don’t have to worry about me making a mess of the backyard like I did to the kitchen when I was trying to renovate it. You were right when you told me I should hire someone to do it. Don’t remind me.”

Once she’s convinced – and we’re confident she will be when you put it that way – head on over to our website to request a quote, or call us if she needs to know more.